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HANX Fix: What The Eff Is Cystitis?

HANX Fix: What The Eff Is Cystitis?

Give us a C, give us a Y, give us a S, give u- let’s get to the point: HANX Fix, our new online service, sorts out treatment and relief for intimate health issues, sent directly to your door.

If lockdown taught us one thing: intimate health needs a serious reboot. We worked with our trusted pharmacy partner to launch a same-day-dispatch service, designed to help you avoid hanging around in pharmacy queues, or refreshing the screen endlessly trying to get a GP appointment. 

One of the most-asked-for items in our DMs, we're very excited to be offering cystitis treatment. We know that a lot of you have experienced it, or will do in your lifetime, so buckle up for a rundown on all things burning pee...

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What is cystitis?

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, usually caused by an infection and is a common type of urinary tract infection. 💦  Upping your hydration by drinking plenty of water (avoid that caffeine), refraining from sex and taking painkillers can help, although some folks need to take antibiotics. Cystitis is usually caused by bacteria from your bowel or skin getting into your bladder and unfortunately, sexually active vagina-havers can get cystitis regularly. 


How do you treat cystitis?

"Mild cystitis will usually clear up on its own within a few days, and the symptoms can be managed with cystitis relief (sodium citrate) such as the HANX offering. These cystitis relief sachets work by neutralising the acidity of the urine, making the symptoms much more manageable. Other things you can do include taking simple pain relief, drinking plenty of water and avoiding sex until after the symptoms have cleared."
Dr Sarah Welsh, HANX co-founder and gynaecology doctor.

If you’re looking for cystitis relief, click here and add your preferred treatment or relief to bag and you’ll be directed to fill in a brief but important questionnaire. Once you’re approved by our pharmacist friends and dispensers, your HANX Fix will be winging its way to you - discreetly tucked away in a cotton pouch.  

We’re all about the realness: from our no-holds-barred HANX Life forum to sharing and identifying with the sometimes *too* relatable confessions from our community: we’ve been there, and we’ve definitely done that. And that too. Find out more about HANX Fix here.

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 *If unsure of your condition, please seek advice from your GP/medical professional before purchase.

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