Five Things To Do This Halloween

Five Things To Do This Halloween

Sat, Oct 28, 17 - Tamara Blake


 Ready for Halloween 2017? We have just the things to get you in the spooky mood...

Pumpkin Carving 

Because what is Halloween without a classic session of pumpkin carving? Whilst your efforts may not appear to be as the “easy” youtube videos look, there a certainly some easy hacks to getting your pumpkin to look more spooky and less vandalized. Use an ice cream scoop to dish out all pumpkin innards. Make sure you have a dry marker handy to outline your jazzy shapes. Use a drill or a cookie cutter to through the tough cutting. No one likes chipped nails. Failing all of the above, you could use your attempt as a drinks cooler.


Stranger Things Binge

That’s right. It’s back. Season one left us peeling our chins from the floor and facing huge withdrawal symptoms whilst needing to know more. Asap. Well the wait is over and what better time than to spend this weekend with some Halloween punch, spooky treats, a duvet and Stranger Things Season Two. 


Fancy Dress

What’s it going to be? Lady Gaga circa “Paparazzi” or Britney in a double denim number? Here are some of our top picks for this year: 

A Clown. With the release of IT, what better time than to bring back the childhood scared than a harlequin inspired clown look. 

Classic Corpse Bride. Dig out that white dress you spent your summer wearing, add in some lace, white paint and fake blood…. And bobs your uncle. We are big fans of the corpse day of the dead twist! 

Harley Quinn. Margot really set the bar with her character in Suicide Squad. So pull out that studded built you had when you are 16 in your emo phase, dig out some old hot pants, paint red and blue, throw in some fishnet tights and bobs your uncle.


Modern Day Witchery

For the hardcore in us all, why not try out some hocus pocus? There is a rise of young witches and wiccas and even a subscripton box dedicated to the cause. With crystals, incense and candles, you can really set the tone this Halloween. 

Straight Up Horror Movie Night

Nothing beats a scary movie to get you in the mood. For the ones who love to stay awake at night IT is the movie that will have you wishing you never see a clown again. Like it gruesome? Let The Right One In is for you. Prefer a twisted classic? Then The Shining will keep you freaked out. Ahh and for those who are faint hearted…why not stick to Edward Scissor Hands or Hocus Pocus yeh?!