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Find Your HANX Hormone Harmony

Find Your HANX Hormone Harmony

Struggling to get your contraceptive pill due to healthcare pressures? Perhaps your implant or coil has come to an end and you’re unable to get an appointment to have this changed? Or, maybe, you’ve been considering coming off your hormonal form of contraception, but felt there has never been a good time to do this.  

Introducing the HANX Hormone Harmony Kit. 


Whether it’s a ‘been planning this for a while’ thing or a ‘when in lockdown’ thing, we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’ve teamed up with fellow lifestyle and wellness heroes from our little pink book to bring you an exclusive Hormone Harmony Kita curated set designed to support the expected side-effects of going hormone-free.  So, what's in the box and what exactly is it for? 

  • Aches and pains - four fivecbd
  • Cramps - Pukka Womenkind tea 
  • Spotting - DAME Tampons
  • Cravings - Candy Kittens sweets
  • Skin changes - TONIC15 Korean Face mask
  • Protection - HANX condoms and lubricant 
  • Hormonal support - 30-day pack of vitamins by Vitl, blended for HANX

Heads up, this is not suitable for everyone (see important information at the bottom of this article).

Did you know? It can take up to 3 months for your body to adjust to its usual cycle when coming off hormones. However, as with everything to do with our bodies and medicine, we’re all different. How you react is dependent on a whole host of factors, including your genetic makeup, your physical condition, any existing medical complaints you have and which contraception you’ve previously taken. 

Business as usual? You might sync right back into your natural menstrual cycle straight away, or you might not. You may or may not start having side effects from stopping hormones. We’re all beautifully unique human beings and we’re here to support that journey and allow you a safe, informative place to track the changes you may be experiencing. 

What if I’m already hormone-free, can I still get involved? Of course! This is a great opportunity to get to know your body a little better and take greater notice of your symptoms, mood, and mindset. Doing it just for the Hormone Harmony Kit? The more the merrier, tbh. And on that note, you should know that we operate a zero judgement policy round these parts and over on our HANX Life forum. 


Choosing to come off hormonal contraception is such a personal decision and if you’ve ever brought it up on your *no holds barred* Whatsapp group, you’ll know the reasons vary tremendously. Some women want or need to reduce their health risks, e.g. blot clots or certain cancers that are affected by hormones and can run in the family. Others might have experienced symptoms on hormonal contraceptives, such as weight or mood changes, or you might not like the idea of putting synthetic hormones into your body. Maybe you’re hoping to fall pregnant in the near future or are looking to nurture a better relationship with your menstrual cycle. 

Whatever the reason, we've got your back and allllll the information to help you make informed decisions and potentially find your Hormone Harmony. 

Please make sure you consult your medical professional before changing your medications.

Each Hormone Harmony Kit is paired with the following:

  • Exclusive closed group on our HANX Life Forum - talk it out with people going through the same journey
  • Curated content – specific to coming off hormonal contraception, what to expect and how to manage any side effects.
  • Logging symptoms weekly - Log your symptoms in weekly surveys straight to your inbox, culminating in a personalised report on your Hormone Harmony journey at the end of the first month of being hormone free.


What should I be aware of?

Side effects: Synthetic hormones can affect us differently to our usual natural hormonal cycle, with the potential to cause side effects and also even mask the effects of our natural hormones. You’re more likely to experience symptoms when stopping hormones if you have been on them for a long time, as your body takes time to adjust. If you had certain symptoms, such as acne or mood swings, before you started taking hormonal contraception, they may persist once you come off it. However, some women find that the hormone stabilising effects continue even after they have stopped taking the hormones. We’ll help you to keep track of these changes, don’t you worry.

Periods: Whether you were having withdrawal bleeds on your previous contraceptive, or spotting now and then, or perhaps no bleeding at all; once your body adjusts back into its usual cycle (if you've not gone through the menopause) it's likely that you’ll start having periods again!

 Pregnancy: And whilst we're on the subject of periods… once you stop your previous contraception, you’re now fertile again. Hormonal contraception is very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, so if you’re sexually active and not wanting to fall pregnant, please make sure you’re using a safe and effective form of non-hormonal contraception before you stop taking your current form of contraception. See our article on the types of contraception to consider your options. You can also see an in-depth guide to switching your contraception from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. 


Important Disclaimer: We are not advocating that this challenge is right for everyone. People are prescribed hormones, including hormonal contraception, for many different reasons. This can range from managing your period problems (such as heavy periods or painful periods), controlling acne, and many others. If your doctor asked you to be on the contraception you’re taking for a specific reason, you are not right for this challenge. We would advise you to discuss it with your doctor. Any changes to your medication needs to be under your prescribing doctor, so please consult with them before starting this challenge.


Take a good look at our NEW Hormone Harmony Kit and join the conversation over on our HANX Life forum here.

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