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Everything You Need To Know About HANX X Vitl Vitamins

Everything You Need To Know About HANX X Vitl Vitamins

Mon, May 11, 20 - HANX Official

Thinking about coming off hormonal contraception? We've teamed up with Vitl, the UK's leading personalised supplement provider, to create an exclusive blend with all the good stuff you need to support you and your body in going hormone-free…



You asked, we listened! First featured in our limited edition Hormone Harmony Kits this summer, we've brought back this exclusive mix now available to purchase right here, right now.





We worked with our good friends at Vitl to create a custom blend of vitamins and nutrients needed as you wave goodbye to the Pill, the IUD, the Patch, etc. These Hormone Harmony vitamins don’t include any unnecessary preservatives or fillers, and are vegan certified. So, what’s in the bottle*?


Vitamin D3: 

These levels can be low when you’re coming off hormonal contraception. Let’s top ‘em up! 💊


Vitamin K:

Works alongside Vitamin D to ensure good bone health. 🦴


Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Iodine and Magnesium:

Prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives can result in low levels of all of the above… Here’s a little extra push to help you level up. ☝️



Helps with healthy skin and hair function, they might even grow out that lockdown fringe. (Zero judgement... ✂️) 



For a healthy brain and fertility. 🧠


Vitamin C:

Assists with the absorption of iron and therefore helps symptoms of tiredness, great for never-ending screen time, and those who suffer from restless sleep. 💤 


Find out more about what to expect when coming off hormonal contraception here and if you have any further questions, drop a line over to the lovely team at Vitl here.


*Full ingredients list: Magnesium Citrate, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Citrate, 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, Potassium Iodide, Biotin, MK7, Chloecalciferol from Lichen, Methylcobalamin, Brown Rice Protein, Capsule (vegetable cellulose).


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