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Christmas party hook ups

Christmas Party Hook Ups

Everyone's at it… as soon as the Christmas lights are turned on, the mulled wine is flowing and mistletoe is in sight! You guessed it. Those work Christmas parties that end in office gossip, we can’t deny that an office Christmas do is rampant with sexual tension.

A survey by Business Insider, shown that a third of people slept with a colleague after the Christmas party, and 60% went in for a snog. Months of eyeing up your crush, a rather sexless winter, alcohol flowing and encouragement from your team can mean the perfect storm. Here at HANX, we are all up for some festive frivolities, but want to help make sure you don’t do something you regret. Some HANX top tips before delving into your work crush:

  • Ask yourself – do you both actually want to get together? Are you really into Daniel from accounts or are you just keen for some action to appease your colleagues? And is the attraction mutual or one-sided? There is nothing worse than creeping on a colleague… 
  • Think carefully about hooking up with your boss, or your subordinate for that matter. Things can get a messy when the levels of authority and power are imbalanced. Remember, you still have to work together…
  • Are you both single? Seems like a stupid question but the number of work affairs or flings that break relationships is all too common. Don’t be that person. Ilicit Encounters’ new survey found that a third of people have cheated on a partner at Christmas, with the work party the most likely place for it to start.
  • Location is key… and please, the office is never a good idea! Not only do you risk getting caught, but don’t forget about the CCTV. 
  • Don’t get too sloshed. The lines then blur around consent if you get down to business. Although someone assaulting you is absolutely never your fault, it’s always a good idea to remain lucid and keep a clear mind when sex is involved. 
  • Protect yourself. HANX in your purse will keep things safe and enjoyable.

I mean, hey, we can only advise… and it is not a real Christmas party without some questionable indiscretions. The likelihood is that we all have some xmas party romance stories this year. In fact, in a survey of 2,000 British workers, Instant Print found that 54% of people who coupled up at the office Christmas party ended up in a long-term relationship. 

We're all for some festive fun, and if this results in more then we couldn’t be happier! #HappyHanxmas

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