What is ChemSex?

What is ChemSex?

Fri, Aug 04, 17 - Tamara Blake

Chem-say what?

I too at first thought it could mean, having sex in a chemistry lab or even artificial sex…well neither are true. Kind of.

Chemsex is when people take drugs such as miaow miaow or crystal meth to enhance sex and make them feel all kinds of crazy and unrestrained. Such drugs are taken orally or in some cases injected for a more intense high (aka slam-sex).

These sessions can often go on for a few days and involve multiple partners. When so uninhibited there is a higher risk of participants not using condoms and therefore spreading sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

Chemsex is prominent within the gay community

According to The Chemsex Study of 1,000 surveyed gay men in London, one fifth had participated in chemsex in the last 5 years. The trend which has come to rise within the last 10 years is found to be more risky than “drunk sex” and that’s because the use of drugs such as GHB contain an anaesthetic which can encourage more forceful anal sex, heightening infection risk. Additionally, when injecting such drugs with multiple partners, there is the possibility of sharing needles. 

There is support out there, so don't do anything you're not comfortable with. It’s a dangerous game to be playing.