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Celebrating Sexual Health Week With Zava

Celebrating Sexual Health Week With Zava

To celebrate Sexual Health Week we’ve partnered with Zava

Zava are the online doctor who provide treatment for conditions that traditionally carry stigma, like acne, STIs and contraception. Sexual health can sometimes trigger feelings of embarrassment, especially in younger people who may not feel comfortable talking about their sexual health, at a time when they are typically very sexually active. Zava analysed 50 of the UK's most populated universities, as well as surveying 1,001 UK studentsas part of their initiative to promote positive sexual wellness. 

With 2.3 million students in higher education institutions across the UK and 1.8 million of those being full-time students [1], the need for universities to provide good sexual health services is certainly something people should be thinking about. According to new data, an average student in the UK has unprotected sex 12 times during their time at university, with students studying in Bristol almost doubling (22) the national average. This perhaps explains why Public Health England’s recent report highlighted that over 1.3 million chlamydia tests were taken by 15-to-24-year-olds in 2018, with over 131,000 testing positive, equalling to 359 diagnoses per day [2].

87% of students surveyed said their university should do more to promote good sexual health. This is also reflected in 14% of students feeling that their university does not offer good access to sexual health services, such as access to a nurse, free condoms and STI test kits. What's more, 11% of students - over 250,000 students nationally - say they wouldn’t know where to go to get checked.

We spoke to Dr Kathryn Basford, GP at Zava about their findings:

“Our analysis of 50 of the UK’s top universities shows that many students are lacking both virtual and physical access to sexual health information and resources from their universities. Not only does this prevent students who may already have STIs getting treatment, but can lead to them unknowingly spreading infections.”

“While universities should look to educate and provide access to sexual health services for their students, students also need to take some precautions of their own. As our data shows, the average university student will have unprotected sex 12 times during their studies. This puts them at risk of catching an STI as well as spreading an STI they’ve already got.”

This is where our partnership with Zava comes in

For the duration of Sexual Health Week, the first 1,000 Zava orders will receive a complimentary HANX condom. Condoms are the only form of contraception that protect against STIs, which is why it’s important that condoms are enjoyable to use. We hope that our ultra thin, silky smooth clean scented condoms make for a more pleasurable experience. We’re very pleased to be included in Zava’s initiative, encouraging 1,000 patients to be safe and sexually fulfilled.

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