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Our BIG HANX Lubricant Survey Results

Our BIG HANX Lubricant Survey Results

Mon, Nov 30, 20 - HANX Official

We surveyed over 5,000 lube lovers to get to grips with that you really want from a HANX lubricant. Many, many hours combing through your straight-up, super helpful responses led to the launch that had everyone talkin': HANX Lubricant finally hit the shelves and was was spotted in the hands (and bedrooms) of discerning lube fans across the land! 💦


We're all about the details and judging by our survey results, you are too. Wanna know why we meticulously designed our slipper friend to be water-based, pH-balanced, gentle, and condom and toy compatible? Take a peek at our BIG HANX Lubricant Survey results right here and while you're at it, grab a bottle of the real thing, with a fresh new look for 2020 here.